Community isn't about seeking out a group where we get together and talk about God.  Rather, it's about saturating our lives, as a group, with the heart of God. The hope being that our hearts become so saturated, it overflows into other's lives; the homeless, the hopeless, and the heartless. God isn't interested in our comfort or our access to a group of people. He's interested in the hearts of men being turned toward Jesus. His heart is for the growth and abundance of love. That is community.
Here's the process. It's not all inclusive and plays out different in different contexts. It's a working model and not meant to bind us to a set of "rules" for developing community. God alone builds, develops and moves community.

To connect with them where they’re at in life.

It doesn't matter what a person may be dealing with, whether it be home sickness, a broken relationship, questioning their faith, or if everything is going well, we are here to connect to them. Jesus met people where they were at. So many times in the NT Jesus went to where people we’re to meet their needs. Whether it be healing a blind man, calling a tax collector or fisherman, or forgiving an adulterer of their sin, He connected Himself to them and brought them up from where they were.


To challenge them to grow.

We also desire to have a love that isn’t relevant, but revolutionary. Revolutionary means that we are “introducing radical change.” That means we want our love to challenge people to come to know personally a growth that changes them in a radical way. The idea being that no longer do people associate love as this feeling that can fade out, but as this power from Christ that lives inside us and changes everything about the way that we see His people.

So why do we do what we do? Here the three simple answers:

a. We love them. We are loved by Christ, so we are called to love others. (That’s it)

b. We’re called to it. Christ called us to serve others and take the Good News to them. This is the group we’re called to serve & reach.

c. We see a need. A large portion of college age/career adults are searching for meaning and when they don’t find it, they turn to drinking, sex, and some of them give up altogether, ending their lives too soon or living a meaningless existence. They are hurting so much; hurting each other and they are literally DYING for what we have! We CANNOT and will NOT keep Christ to ourselves!


To bring them into fellowship with Him.

He is the core. He starts the process and is the end result. He lays the foundation in our heart for community, then builds on it. He moves us to a place where genuine love is experienced. In that we learn obedience and make the choice to obey as an outward expression of our love for Him. That obedience moves us to a place of sacrifice; a giving away of ourselves and Christ.