Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update: My Son The Teacher

This is actually the first time I've done an update on a previous post, but I thought this was worth sharing.  I probably should have wrote this last month when I realized it, but I was pouring through some old blogs, came across "My Son the Teacher" and felt I needed to follow up to share the amazing things our God does.

Back on April 9, 2010 I wrote a post titled "My Son the Teacher" (HERE).  In that post I talked about a kid in my sons 5th grade class that was so desperate for friends he brought money and was willing to pay other kids to be his friend.  This boy was often reluctant to answer invitations to play with what the other kids were playing and instead often chose to walk the playground by himself.  My son didn't take the money and concluded that he would just walk with this kid until he was ready to accept him as a friend.

Now, understand that both my sons are amazing young men, but Andrew has this heart for people that can only be given by God.  He also hands out church invite cards by the dozens because he wants to see his friends in church. So after a couple weeks of just "walking" with this boy, Andrew gave him an invite card.  Soon this boy and his family began attending Element Church (probably some time in the beginning of May) and Andrew was STOKED (really that's an understatement, but he was super pumped about it).

After a few weeks of attending Element, Andrew told me that his friend accepted Christ in Elevate (our children's ministry - lead by Pastor Derek, Blog HERE).  Again...super stoked!  So as if that weren't enough, I had the opportunity (I think during Element's Stripped Series - Sermon HERE) to witness the father of Andrew's friend answer the invitation to surrender his life to Christ.  SO STOKED!!!

So here's the bottom line...two kids, one that just wanted some one to walk with him and one that was willing to, changed an entire family.  That's God.