Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who Needs "Revival"? Part 2 (Guest Blogger: Thomas Hogan)

This wasn't meant to to be a multi-post blog (never is), but I got to talking with Thomas (Blog love HERE) and here's part 2.  We had this brilliant idea that it would be a "conversation" of sorts.  I post one, he posts one, I post one, he... well you get the idea.  So as much as this is a conversation between us, feel free to add your thoughts. Here's Thomas' thoughts.

First reference previous post (HERE).

Revival is for the dying folks. They literally need to “be revived.” In this context it fits that if you have a dying body or a dying vision, that only the resurrecting Spirit of God can bring them back to life. The last blog was an indictment on using the word revival with little to no regard of its actual implication. A great point is made when we consider that the active vibrant life of the believer in Christ is in no need of “resurrecting”, because it should already be experiencing “life, and life more abundantly”.

A more appropriate word for what the church as a corporate body desires to see is “an awakening”; a literal groundswell of salvation and drawing of hearts back to the Father. Like the old worship song “Salvation Spring Up From the Ground”. When we refer to “revival” this is the more precise idea we are thinking of. The idea of a dying church is very unattractive but also appropriate in some cases (I pray not yours).

Of Course, this is only half of the story. If revival isn’t what we truly need (unless you are dying then by all means desperately seek out resurrection) then what is it inside of us that cries out for an “increasing measure”? I believe that the Power of God and the life of God are organically attracted to seeing the “Movement” of God.  

[Practical application of that statement:] God gives us His power when we ask for the Holy Spirit. As we submit our lives to His will and grow in obedience, the Holy Spirit begins to move more actively.

The combination of life and power create a stirring in us to see the active will of God played out in the community around us (spiritual and physical). This is a rudimentary introduction to what we refer to as “missional”. That early church saw revival because it was new to the life of God. And they saw “an awakening” that affected everything around them because they fully committed themselves to the unique call on each person’s life.