Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jesus' Greatest Miracle

While He walked the earth, Jesus did some amazing miracles.  He healed the blind (John 9:1-6 & Mark 10:46-52).  He healed the deaf (Mark 7:31-37)  He healed the lame (John 5:1-18).  He healed the leper (Mark 1:40-45).  He forgave sin (Luke 7:36-50).  He freed the captive (Mark 9:14-29).  He even raised a dead man to life (John 11:1-44).  While He was on earth, as a man, He healed many of those He came in contact with.  Sadly however, some went unhealed.  Some remained captive.  Some, though they still walked on earth, remained dead in their hearts.  Many showed up too late and missed Jesus by mere seconds.  John the Baptist (Jesus' cousin) would be beheaded in prison, hoping for Jesus to save him, without Jesus coming to his aid.  Jesus' humanity limited Him to the same time and space as the humans He came to save.  But His ultimate purpose wasn't to be seen in His walking the earth.  His ultimate purpose was not to heal only those He would come in contact with during His brief walk on earth as a man.  His ultimate purpose is seen in the miracle of this weekend we celebrate.

It was this weekend, some 2000 years ago, He accomplished His greatest miracle.  It was on this weekend He healed ALL the blind, He healed ALL the deaf, He healed ALL the lame, He healed ALL the unclean, He forgave ALL the sin, He released ALL the captives and He raised ALL the dead to life.  When Jesus was crucified on Friday, all the beatings and ridicule healed us from our afflictions (Isaiah 53:4-5).  His death on the cross paid for our sins (Isaiah 53:6).  But it was what happened on Sunday in which we find our hope.  On Sunday, oh that glorious day, He resurrected (raised) from the dead.  It was in His resurrection He gave ALL life (John 11:25).  In those three days, Jesus accomplished every miracle ever needed.

I know there are people who have been praying for physical healing and haven't received it.  To them I say this, keep praying.  Whether He heals you physically on this side of eternity is up to Him alone, but know this, you have life everlasting on the other side of eternity.  THIS healing is our wholeness in Christ.  We are reconciled to our loving and gloriously Holy God.  THAT is our healing.  THAT is our life.

The miracle of this weekend is this: Jesus healed ALL of us, once and for all, and gave ALL of us life everlasting.