Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Did Because We Do

<----------------------It started with this guy (that's me). 

If you've read any of my other stuff on this blog, then you know that over the last 2 1/2 years God has laid a beating on my mind and heart.  Jesus has done quite a work in changing the person that I was into the person that I am.  Although I am a completely different person, He's still working things out in me, but the point is He's made me into a Man.  After I became single I wasn't actually looking for a wife. I did make a list of what I wanted and needed in a wife (you can read about that HERE), but I didn't put a ton of effort into looking.  Regardless, I was settled on the idea that God was preparing me for the perfect woman.

Then I met her (that's Sarah, grogeous right?)------------------------------>

Our story is in that link above, but to make a long story short...she was kinda in the same boat as me.  God was teaching her patience and she was just waiting for what He had for her.  We met at as co-workers at our church (she was the Pastoral Assistant and I was the Director of our College ministry, theSHIFT check it out HERE).  Actually we met just over 1 year ago, during Staff photos...and barely noticed each other.

So there was him (me) and her (Sarah), but the more important part of this blog is that him and her is now THEM (us).

That's us. 
I like to call this picure "On The Rocks...but in a Good Way"

So now that you know that they are them and them is us, let me tell you about the amazing wedding they, we, had.  The first thing we did was reserve our wedding photographer (coincedently it was before I even proposed...Sarah is pretty slick).  We booked the amazingly talented Charity Remington (who took all these stunning photos - website HERE).  She initially suggested that we elope, to which we both promptly responded, "Psh, yeah right."  As we started planning and realized the magnitude of the task, one of us jokingly said, "We SHOULD just elope."  The other responded, "Let's do it." Quickly followed by a, "Are you serious?" Confirmed with a, "I don't know. Are you?" And finalized with a, "Yeah, I think so." That doesn't seem so final, but it was.  So started our super secret plans to elope (which noone knew about except for those that "called it" and the ones that my big mouthed kids told).

We decided that the perfect place to elope had equal parts sun, sand, water and amazing...so The Grand Bahams fit the requirements.  We arrived on a friday evening (after quite a little adventure) and rested that night in preparation for the big day.  Honestly I barely slept, I couldn't wait!

That morning as Sarah dolled herself up, I met with the pastor from a local Christian church and we picked a spot on the beach.  When Sarah was ready, I walked her down the super awesome boardwalk and led her to that spot on the beach that God would bind our hearts and souls together for all time.  Then the pastor commenced our ceremony.
Isn't it perfect looking?

Pastor Duncanson offitiated an amazing ceremony for us.  I think the best part of the ceremony were our vows.  I had always heard of people writting their own vows and often thought about how amazing that would be, but having been able to actually write vows that I got to promise my whole self to the woman that I love maddly far surpassed any of that.  It was PERFECTION.  Then Pastor Duncanson ended with the traditional...You may kiss your bride. And...

We were Mr & Mrs!

We spent the rest of the week lounging on the beach reading and sunbathing, on scooters (checking out the island), in caves and in tide pools, snorkeling and parasailing, browsing shops and tasting the local delights...it was amazing. 

God even made sure the weather was perfect for us.  The sun started shining the day before we got there and the rain stayed away (literally) until we boarded the plane to come home.  Really though, the sun started shining for us last June, we just didn't know it then.

So here we are--------->

This is the start of our "Happily ever after" and I can't wait to experience all of what it takes to get to the end of that.  Really I'm in no rush, I'd rather revel in all that is amazing and beautiful about her...and us.  We have a lot coming over the next few years, a move, one kid in high school, one in Jr High and one starting kindergarten, maybe a bigger family ;)...so much coming.