Thursday, February 2, 2012

He Called Me Dad!

This awesome thing happened yesterday... Sarah, Malachi & I were at Wal-Mart grabbing some stuff (ftr, we bought The Last Unicorn for Sarah's nostalgia sake) & I walked away to go get a picture for twitter. Prior to that, Mal (my step-son) & I went to the bathroom & hid from Sarah when we were done (just a little game we often play). That led into what happened when I walked away to get that picture. So I walked away & when I walked back Sarah said "Mal just called you dad!"

She said, when I walked away Mal said, "Dad, Dad!" and hid. Now, I may not have got to hear it, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that HE CALLED ME DAD!!! This was huge for my heart. For the last nine months I've tried to make sure that Mal knows that I love him & that he feels secure that this is HIS family, so for him to call me Dad & acknowledge to Sarah that he gets that he has two dads let me know that what Sarah & I are doing is good & right.

After she told me, I picked up Mal around the waist to play with him, to which he promptly farted (such a boy).

My hope & prayer has been & will remain that regardless of what Mal calls me, that he always sees me not just as his mom's husband, but as a man that love Jesus, loves his wife & loves him. In that he'll grow to be a man that does the same. My hope is that he'll see me as a man that he can trust, depend on, confide in & that will lead him well. I'm already so proud of my boy.

A Dad,