Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Blog!

I'm so stoked about this (see picture to the left - that stoked).  For a little while I've been toying with the idea of launching a new blog.  God has been doing this thing in my heart, probably because I need it more than anyone, where He is letting me know that I can approach Him and not only that I am able to, but that He WANTS me to.  So He's been revealing little truths here and there (you may have seen them on FB or Twitter) that tell me how and why I am able to approach Him.

I've been taking those truths and looking at what scripture says about them.  It's been pretty helpful with the season of life I am currently walking through (I'll blog on that a little later).  So I figured, maybe it'd be helpful to others.  So...

Introducing #ApproachGod.

It's a devotional of sorts.  It'll be titled with the truth that God has spoke to my heart, scriptural reference to that truth and what God spoke through that to me.  This blog will be a departure from my normal writing only in length (it'll be a lot shorter than I'd normally write).  Keep in mind this is what God spoke to MY heart and He may say something wholly different to your's... and that's ok.

Here's the first blog, He makes you holy.  Enjoy and #ApproachGod.