Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Could Resist No Longer

THEY GOT ME!!! I know all my previous blogs have been super serious and deep (maybe deep - Deep as a kiddie pool?) But this one is just an FYI thing. With everything in the world that we let consume our lives (e-mail, myspace, blogs, work, texting, etc.) it's a wonder we don't short circuit. Well, some of us do, but that's another blog. It's not like we need to add stuff to our already cram packed life. We should do everything we can to dump some off. I have tried to resist the invitations, nudges and suggestions to join Face Book. I did NOT need another online zombie inducer in my life. But I finally cracked...I got sucked into the Face Book vortex. So now I'm on and I am shocked at how many people actually have Face Book accounts. So I'm on it and I think that it's probably a great avenue to reaching the world for Christ. (You didn't think I'd leave a blog without mentioning our Lord Jesus, did you? I thought not.)

Another Face Book in the crowd,