Monday, April 20, 2009

I Just Gotta Say...

This may actually be my shortest post, so hold on to your socks.

I just gotta say that it is amazing what God can do in your life if you let him. To think that throughout my life I have gone through so much and never really trusted in God to make me or the situation better. I really can't say if it was where I was at in life, how bad things got, the environment I was in, the group of people I was around (I could go on), that changed my perspective on God. Maybe it was all of it. The point is, something happened in the way I trusted God. It wasn't all at once, it was slow for sure, but I think I just got tired of trying to do it myself. Maybe it was more than that. Maybe God had been working on me this last 20 years and had me just where I needed to be.

I don't believe that it was part of God's master plan for Dana to leave, but I think whether I acknowledged him at the time or not, every time something happened, God was doing something in my heart. At the end He had finally gotten me to where he needed me to be on Jan 14, 2009 to accept His will for my life. Pastor Steven Furtick (Lead Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina) posted a blog that really got me thinking about the growing through trials thing (can read it HERE). Basically, his thought for the day was: "Deep crap=Green grass" or put another way "The more crap we go through, the more we grow". Very eloquently put and probably couldn't be explained any other way.

I have definitely grown over the past 7 months. In that I have gained a new found love in my Lord Jesus Christ, a new and revitalized relationship with my sons, a new purpose for my life and a group of friends and family that I couldn't imagine being without. I am truly humbled and awed by the goodness, grace, greatness and love of our God.

Humbled by His grace,